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This is a personal project by Lucas Pina that we decided to share with you.

It is a closed army pack, which consists of:

- The Dwarf King on goat

- The Dwarf Witch

- The Dwarf Druid

- The Dwarf Berserker

- 20x Dwarf Lancers (18+Standard bearer and Musician)

- 20x Dwarf Hammerers (18+Standard bearer and Musician)

- 20x Dwarf Scouts

- Bolt Thrower with the 3 Dwarven Crew


The pack does not include bases. Understand that our priority is to offer you the sculptures, the product that we make.


Price: €470 (+VAT)

Sculptor: Lucas Pina Penichet (traditional sculpture)

Scale: 32mm (compatible with Warhammer, etc)

Miniatures: 68

Resin Caster: Ciprian Negut

Limited Edition: 150





Wood Dwarves

470,00 €Price
  • Price doesn't include VAT. It will be applied at CHECKOUT with shipping costs ;)

  • The miniatures are supplied unassembled and without bases. 

    Made in Spain with high quality polyurethane resin.

    They are miniatures designed for collectors, understand that it is not a toy so its use is not recommended for children.

    As a preorder, produce them could take several months. Thank you for your understanding. :)

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